KRIVULJAR-krojačko ravnalo 160 x 525 mm-Curved rule Prym

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šifra: 611501
Curved rule
Rukavni KRIVULJAR ravnalo
160 x 525 mm
Curved rule armhole & sleeve cap

Kurvenlineal Armloch und Armkugel

  • Multi-function ruler
  • Curved stencil
  • Perfect for waist, hips and in-seam
  • Ideal for shoulder, neckline and armhole
  • Made from transparent plastic

The curved ruler from Prym makes it possible to
mark and transfer all rounded edges and curves,
which are needed for cutting out garments,
such as trousers, skirts, shirts and blouses.
This dressmaker’s ruler can be used to transfer
the shape of the waist and hips and the in-seam
perfectly onto the dressmaking pattern paper or
directly onto the fabric.
The rounded edges on sleeves, necklines and
shoulders can also be transferred flawlessly
with the curved ruler.
The straight grid on a scale of 2.5 x 40 cm allows
for perfect transfer of button-holes and seams,
while the rounded, narrowing 65 cm scale is
ideal for transferring all rounded
shapes and curves.
This makes the curved ruler the ideal
companion for the dressmaker’s ruler
from Prym.


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