IGLE za vezenje rukom sa oštrim vrhom 6kom. No.20

20,00 kn sa PDV

Dostupno za isporuku odmah


šifra: 125551
IGLE za štikanje/vezenje
Chenille tapiserije
sa oštrim vrhom No.20
pakiranje 6 kom.
veličina 1x43mm

Embroidery needles with point,
No.20, 1.00 x 43mm, gold eye

  • Embroidery needles with finely honed tips
  • For fine embroidery work such as silk embroidery, white embroidery
  • Needles made of hardened steel
  • With burr free punched golden eye
  • Sizes: No. 16-24 and as a range no. 18-22

Embroidery needles with a sharp tip are suitable primarily
for silk embroidery and all fine embroidery.
The needles are made of absolutely burr free hardened
steel and are fitted with a symmetrical punched golden eye.
For easy threading of wool or thicker yarns embroidery
needles need a correspondingly large eye.
The finely honed tip and the smooth coated surface
of the needles allow them to glide effortlessly
through any material. A balanced ratio of length
and strength gives the needles their good use flexibility.
The Prym range includes embroidery needles with
golden eye in a card of 6 units in sizes no. 16 to 24
and as an assorted pack in sizes no. 18 to 22.


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