igle za štikanje 130/705H-E debljina 75+90, 5 kom. Prym

igle za štikanje 130/705H-E debljina 75+90, 5 kom. Prym

40,00 kn sa PDV

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IGLE za štikanje Prym
130/705H-E 70-90, 5 kom.
Embroidery Needles, Nähmaschinennadeln
3 kom. 75 debljina + 2 kom. 90 debljina

Anyone who would like to create embroideries
with the sewing machine is well-equipped with
these high-quality sewing machine needles.
Since embroidery or effect yarns are significantly
more sensitive than normal sewing yarn, specific
needles are used here. These sewing machine
needles have a light ball tip that protects the
needle from breaking and are suitable for a wide
range of fabrics that are woven or knitted.
Thanks to its wide eyelet, the thread can be
ideally moved in every direction – its exceptionally
wide thread grooves also allow for effortless
processing of thick yarns and woollen threads.
These sewing machine needles with flat shanks
can be used for embroidery in
all conventional household sewing machines.

Machine Embroidery Needles
Made by Prym

Size No. 75-90/11-14
pack of 5 various sizes
These needles will ensure that you have a wide
selection of sizes to
choose from within your machine embroidery projects.
The size needle chosen will depend on the specific fabric
and thread you are using.