IGLE za šivanje rukom No.11 polu-duge 20kom. Prym

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šifra: 121307
Prym igle za ručno šivanje
pakiranje od 20 kom.
u veličini No.11
Odlične za Patchwork i Quilting

Sewing needles medium-length, with gold eye,
No. 11, 0.50 x 26mm

  • For all conventional sewing work
  • Long and medium-length hand sewing needles with a small golden eye
  • Extra slim, special tapering tip shape
  • Small eyes, do not leave any holes in the material
  • Sizes: No. 1 to no. 11
These long and medium-length hand sewing needles
are made of hardened steel and have a burr-free
embossed golden eye. Their fine and sleekly-polished
tip shape, along with the smooth and non-porous,
coated surface, can slide well through all material.
The attuned spring firmness ensures smooth
operation without bending and breaking – even with
the finest needles. The needle head is shaped in
such a way that the needles can be effortlessly
inserted, even without a thimble.
Generally speaking, the long hand sewing needles
are approx. 7 mm longer than the corresponding
medium-length needles and are used for all conventional
sewing work. Many consumers prefer the long needles
due to their better grip. In contrast, medium-length
needles are often selected by experienced users for
more elaborate sewing work and are popular due to
their faster puncturing speed. Prym offers these
hand sewing needles in a long and medium-length
design with a golden eye in many individually-sorted
packages and assortment packages in sizes no. 1 to no. 11.


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