igle Prym mix 130/705H Universal-Jersey-Leather 10kom.

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šifra: 152101

Pyrm 130/705H MIX razno 10kom.
univerzalne igle, igle za šivanje kože
i Jersey elastičnih materijala

paketić od 10 kom. sadrži :
1kom.x 70,
1kom.x 80,
2kom.x 90,
1kom.x 100
130/705H SUK JERSEY 3kom. x debljina 80
130/705H LL LEATHER 2kom. x debljina 90

With these sewing machine needle assortment,
you will be perfectly prepared for any sewing project.
Assorted in a well-conceived manner – the set consists
of five universal needles of various diameters,
two 90 leather needles and three 80 jersey needles.
Each sewing machine needle in the practical economy
box impresses due to its high workmanship quality and
a specially designed tip shape for the respective application need.
These needles are equipped with flat shanks,
allowing them to effortlessly fit in any
household sewing machine from
a conventional manufacturer.

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