F066 ROLLER FOOT-za brother za 7mm

23,89  (180,00 kn) sa PDV

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TEČAJ: 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK Šifra proizvoda: XG6751001 Kategorija: Oznake: , , ,

šifra: XG6751001

The dual rollers on this 7mm snap-on foot help
provide for more accurate and consistent sewing,
as the rollers work in tandem with the machine feed
dogs to pull the fabric through,
for a more consistent fabric feeding. 

* za hvataće konca sa 7mm širinom boda npr. modeli :
brother A16 / A50 / A60se / A80 / A150
brother F400 / F410 / F420 / F460 / F480
brother NV1040se / NV1100 …NV2600

Pogodna stopica za materijale koji se teško transportiraju
kao npr. umjetna koža, Vinyl i drugi slični moderni materijali. 

A roller foot is convenient for sewing specialty
fabrics such as vinyl and leather as well as
elasticized material.
Multiple rollers on the non-stick roller foot hold fabrics with
appropriate pressure and enables smooth sewing.
Generally, a roller foot
is used with straight stitches or zigzag stitches.

Geeignet für schwer transportierbare Materialien, wie z.B. Leder, Vinyl
oder andere moderne Materialien.


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