dvo-igla Prym 130/705H ZWI 80 /razmak 2,5mm

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šifra: 152916

dvoigla 130/705H ZWI 80/2,5mm
dvoigla debljine 80 i razmaka
između igli od 2,5mm

Double sewing machine needles are the first choice
when it comes to special effects in decorative and top-stitch seams.
Tucks or one or two-coloured seams can effortlessly be made here.
The twin needle shows its abilities especially in elastic and highly
elastic materials such as t-shirt fabric or knitted goods.
These double sewing machine needles with flat shanks are
specially designed for zig-zag sewing machines,
but fit all conventional household sewing machines and
are available with various needle distances.