Decorative-thread guide za L450_L460

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šifra: 502070.03.55
Decorative-thread guide
Bernina L450/L460
Vodilica za dekorativni DECO konac

* preporuča se koristiti zajedno sa DECO-stalkom
za dekorativni konac šifra: 502070.03.56

The Deco guide for the L450 and L460 is a useful tool when
serging with thick, strong threads. When overlocking with
decorative threads or cords, the lowest thread-tension setting
is often still too tight. The special Deco guide changes how the
tension is distributed, enabling you to sew with a reduced
thread tension. Yarns and decorative threads can be serged neatly
and evenly, allowing you to create attractive, professional-style
decorations on garments and home furnishings