brother F440e embroidery – stroj za štikanje 18x13cm

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brother Innov-is F440e – stroj za štikanje
embroidery ONLY machine

18 x 13cm velika površina štik okvira
– ekran 3.7” colour LCD touch screen display
138 ugrađenih štik dizajna i 11 vrsti FONTA pisma
USB priključak za lagan prijenos štik motiva
brzina štikanja do 650 uboda u minuti
– lagano ekransko editiranje štik dizajna

A fabulous new model with colour screen
and the ability to combine designs
before stitching!

The Innov-is F440E is an embroidery machine with
intuitive technology and impressive built-in designs.
Its wide range of versatile functions allows you to
add colour and design to almost any project.
Easily import designs through the built-in USB port.

• 138 built-in embroidery designs
• On-screen editing, including letter editing, enhanced
zoom, resizing, rotating, repositioning and combining designs
• Advanced needle threader
• Quick-set bobbin and winder
• Automatic thread cutter

Large embroidery area (180 x 130 mm)
The embroidery machines have a large embroidery area
so you can
express your creative ideas and make even bigger and
more intricate designs.

138 built-in embroidery designs
Choose from a wide variety of florals, animals,
geometrics, seasona
l designs and much more. With our built-in designs,
you can start embroidering right away.

11 built-in font styles (embroidery)
Easily personalise your sewing and embroidery projects by
choosing from 11 built-in font styles, available in 3 sizes.

Patterned frame shapes
Put the finishing touch to your embroidery with an elegant frame.
Choose from 10 frame shapes and 14 stitch types for an
overall total of 140 different patterns available.
Combine with lettering to create unique and stylish monograms.

Editing embroidery patterns
Easily adjust the size, rotation or mirror embroidery
patterns with the touch of a button.

Combine embroidery patterns
This function also enables embroidery patterns to be
combined or lettering to be added to a design.

Text editing functions
Add multiple lines of text and align it to the left, centre or right.
Text rotation and font selection are also available from
one single editing panel.

USB port
Connect a USB device such as a USB flash drive or
a card reader/writer and load your embroidery design
directly to the machine.

LCD screen 3.7‘‘
All sewing information displayed on a clear, backlit screen.
The Innov-is F440E is equipped with a coloured touchscreen display.

Advanced needle threading system
Effortlessly thread the needle by simply lowering the lever.

Bobbin winding system
Fast and simple threading make winding bobbins quick and easy.

Drop-in bobbin
Just drop-in a bobbin and you’re ready to sew.

Automatic thread cutter
Automatically cut upper and lower threads.

Adjustable thread tension
Achieve the best possible stitch quality across different
fabrics by adjusting the tension of the upper thread.
Innov-is F440E provides automatic control.

Thread sensor
The Innov-is F440E is equipped with upper and lower
thread sensors that warn when thread is broken
or has run out.

Accessories included:
• Seam ripper
• Bobbin x 4 (One is on machine)
• Needle set
• Cleaning brush
• Screwdriver (large)
• Screwdriver (small)
• Spool cap (large)
• Spool cap (medium)(2)
• Spool cap (small)
• Spool net
• Embroidery foot “Q”
Embroidery frame (large) H18 cm x W 13 cm 
• Scissors
• Accessory bag
• Soft cover
• Thread spool insert (mini king thread spool)
Machine net case: 10.2KG 





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