stopica br.1 GOLD za B325_B335 u kutiji BERNINA 125years

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šifra: 1033657000

BERNINA stopica br.1 GOLD za modele

BERNINA 325 i BERNINA 335 u kutiji BERNINA 125years

BERNINA cik-cak stopica br.1=GOLD BOX 125years

*Napomena : za 5,5mm cikcak CB Hook hvatače konca=3series
BERNINA is also celebrating with a gilded BERNINA 125th Anniversay Foot!
A limited number of these golden Reverse pattern foot #1
Anniversary Edition feet will be arriving at BERNINA stores.
Hurry in before they’re all gone.

Coated with real gold, it comes as an optional accessory in it’s own beautiful golden box.
Whether for collecting or sewing, it always leaves a brilliant impression.
To get started, it also includes a spool of golden colored Mettler thread.


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