BERNINA Eyelet embroidery SET br.82 sa stopicom br.92

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šifra: 0083597200

BERNINA komplet br.82
– za izradu i bušenje otvora sa stopicom br.92

Eyelet embroidery attachment #82 with foot #92

The ideal eyelet set

  • For embroidering beautiful eyelets
  • For decorative and functional uses of all kinds
  • Use with the foot for eyelet embroidery #92
  • For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines

Eyelet embroidery attachment #82 comes with an extensive set containing
everything you need to embroider decorative or functional eyelets.
Included in the set are various awls and punches for cutting holes in the fabric.

Six different sizes of eyelet studs allow you to create 6 different sizes of eyelet.
Also included is Presser foot for eyelet embroidery #92,
a free-motion foot which doesn’t press the fabric against the feed dog –   instead,
the vertical spring movement of the presser foot (hopper mechanism) holds the fabric
down while stitching, preventing the fabric from being lifted along with
the needle (“flagging”).
The set is extremely versatile, enabling you to embroider elegant tablecloths or
cushion covers with intricate embellishments,
or to sew sturdy eyelets for jackets or shirts.

the eyelet embroidery attachment no. 82 and foot no. 92.
This attachment and foot no. 92 let you embroider beautifully decorative and
functional eyelets in 6 sizes.
The set comes with various awls and punches to cut holes into the fabric.
The various eyelet studs hold the fabric in place as the eyelet is stitched. Foot no. 92
looks similar to darning foot no. 9.
The vertical spring movement of the presser foot (hopper mechanism) holds the
fabric down while stitching,
thus preventing the fabric from lifting along with the needle and flagging.

BERNINA Lochstickeinrichtung Nr.82 mit Fuss Nr.92

Der Stoff wird um den eingesetzten Ösenknopf gedreht,
bis das gestanzte Loch umstickt ist.
Zum Nähen von schönen Ösen für dekorative und funktionale Zwecke.


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