bernette b37 – šivaći stroj

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bernette b37  for BERNINA of Switzerland
Swiss Design
odličan šivaći stroj za domaćinstvo sa 50 vrsti uboda,
automatskim uvođaćem konca u

ušicu igle i šivanje automatske ravne rupice
u 1-potezu + 5 vrsta raznih stopica

• odličan šivaći stroj sa 50 uboda
• DROP-IN hvatač konca: 7mm širina boda

• automatsko udijevanje konca u ušicu igle
• LED rasvjeta šivaće površine
• slobodno-rukavno šivanje
• 5 vrsti šivaćih stopica
• šivanje automatske rupice u 1-koraku (5 vrsti)

bernette 37

An affordable sewing machine with a wide range
of features and impressive
stitch quality The bernette 37 is a compact
computerised model with simple
operation and robust construction.
It has many functions, such as the
practical start/stop function that allows you
to sew without using the foot pedal.
You can also use the needle stop up/down
function to decide whether the
needle should stop in the fabric or up above it.
This is a particular advantage
when you want to sew corners and turn
the fabric around the needle.
With the bernette 37 you can also adjust
the sewing speed to suit your
individual requirements and the type of material.
The bright LED light helps
ensure that your work surface is always well lit.
The bernette 37 is delivered
with 5 presser feet (soles). 

Simple operation for more efficient sewing
The bernette 37 is easy to operate via the LCD display.

It shows the current stitch,
stitch length and stitch width. You can change the individual
settings by pressing
the relevant buttons. It is even possible to change the
settings as you sew. If you
want to sew without the foot control, you can use the
start/stop function on your
sewing machine. This is especially useful if you need
to sew longer sections or if
you want to stand at the table to sew.

* 50 stitches, incl. decorative and quilting stitches
* 7 mm stitch width
* Five different buttonholes
* LCD display
* Slide speed control
* Start/stop button
* Stitch overview and Quick Start Guide 

Standardni pribor koji dobivate uz stroj u pakiranju:

  • Foot control
  • Zigzag foot A (set on the machine)
  • Satin stitch foot F
  • Buttonhole foot with slide R
  • Zipper foot E
  • Button sew-on foot T
  • Bobbin (x4) (1 set on the machine)
  • Spool pin felt
  • Needle set
  • Second spool pin
  • Seam ripper (buttonhole opener)
  • T screwdriver
  • Brush
  • Spool disc (Small) (x1) (set on the machine)
  • Spool disc (Large) (x1)
  • Spool net
  • Dust Cover


* 50 stitches
* 5 presser feet included
* Drop-in hook with 7mm stitch width
* Workspace of 170mm
* LED sewing light
* High stitch quality
* Needle threader
* Soft case 

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